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Mangetout and Sugar Snaps from the Land of the Pharaohs

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  • Through partnerships and cooperation, we have organized a professional production base large enough to guarantee supply certainty. We work towards building partnerships with our customers and strive for excellence in product quality.

  • We are committed to supply 100% sustainably produced crops. Our snow peas, sugar snaps and beans are all produced in Global GAP certified farms and facilities, both also audited for ethical trade (SMETA).

  • With almost three million tons of Peas exported to Europe in 2019, it is clear that Egypt, geographically significantly closer to Europe,  is gaining market share complementing supply in the same window as Guatemala. With over 30 years experience and together with our farmers and a great team of experts in growing, cooling and managing global logistics we make the right partner to grow your sales of snow peas, sugar snaps and beans from The Land of Pharaohs and a Thousand Suns!

Our fresh products



Our Mangetout Snow Seas from Egypt are grown in north-eastern Egypt in “The City of Beauty and Enchantment” – Ismailia. After harvest the fresh pods are then transported to the packing facilities just three hours away from the fields. The BRC certified packing facilities employing up to 150 people.



Sugar Snap Peas from Egypt are also produced on the west bank of the Suez Canal. We harvest them 28 days after flowering because at that time the pods have high quality features such as low crude fiber, dry weight percentage as well as length and width of pods that are proper for consumers.



It is not a coincidence that google search results for Egyptian Green Beans is a collection of delicious recipes. We grow fibrous, crunchy beans with a buttery taste in two different specifications, fine and bobby beans. Our Egyptian Green Beans are also available in Organic quality.



We produce, pack and export green white garlic and green purple garlic. Both are the young version of the plants and are often called fresh garlic or seasonal sring carlic and they look like overgrown scallions.

Our sustainable grown green garlic is certified under GlobalGAP, GRASP and SMETA. Additionaly we also grow it in organic under EU Organic certification.

Availability from mid January to beginning of April.

Sizes will depend on the time of the season and they vary from 30 to 60+.  About packing we can deliver in cartons, bamboo buckets, Netbags and plastic crates.

Read more about our garlic on FreshPlaza.com or visit our partner webside Global Veg Egy.logo-green-garlic-globalvegy-elbefruit

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